• Welcome to EMACE

    Over the past 30 years we have worked with our partners and stakeholders to protect the environment, create green jobs and develop communities, human-animal conflict, and for women and youth to achieve their potential.


    We are now working towards creating great impact by supporting vulnerable communities through social enterprise, conflict resolution, disability rights and social justice to empower our communities to ensure no one is left behind.

  • Vision

    Creating a healthy, vibrant, progressive responsible participatory community sector which contributes to social cohesion, equality and justice.


    To protect the basic human rights of the most vulnerable people - women, children and the displaced and to support the attainment of adequate means of income generation, health care, education, security and environmental sustainability, while actively influencing government and industry towards greener policies and practices.

  • News and upcoming events

    Follow our upcoming events and exciting news

    International Conference on Mangroves 2019

    Bringing in experts and best practices to Sri Lanka

    EMACE is hosting an international conference in Sri Lanka with international expertise and local stalwarts to create a knowledge exchange and best practices adoption to contribute to policy changes in Sri Lanka in line with the National Policies and the Sustainable Development Goals.


    Note: Attendance by Invitation Only

    EMACE Photography Competition 2019

    Open for All!

    EMACE has organized an islandwide Photography Competition which is open to all nature lovers on the Beauty of Bolgoda Lake. With exciting prizes including cash and plaques and certificates, the competition will support the most discerning nature photographers in the country.

    Ministry of Education and EMACE Zonal Art Competition 2019

    Inspiring the next generation of environmentalists!

    EMACE in partnership with the Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka is organizing the Zonal Art Competition 2019 on the theme of the "Beauty of Bolgoda Lake" to inspire young artists from the zonal schools to gain prizes for their creative artwork of the Bolgoda Lake and its beautiful ecosystem.

    World Wetland Day 2018: Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future

    Securing our wetlands for a better future

    We celebrated the World Wetland Day 2018 with the presence of the President of Sri Lanka H.E Maithreepala Sirisena, the Central Environmental Authority and stakeholders from private, public and civil sectors. At this National Wetland Day celebration, Bolgoda Lake and Mangroves were well highlighted. Our Art and poetry competitions held to mark this day were also successful with student displaying remarkable creativity

    Solar Promotion 2017

    For a grid independent life

    With our Solar Cookers, there are toxic fumes or hours spent finding firewood or any risks of burn. The Sun's radiation cooks everything for you automatically.

    Community gardens 2017

    Back to a growth economy

    Our community gardens are thriving especially during the drought because of the commitment of our community members.

    Sustainable livelihood based community development through environmental conservation 2017

    Working with partners for stronger impact

    Kick off meeting for partners

    Lakes Conference 2016

    Connecting partners, creating impact.

    The Lakes network ensures cross-border collaboration for our common sustainable goals.

    World Wetland Day 2015: Wetlands for Our Future

    Protecting one of our most valuable resources

    They purify and replenish our water, and provide the fish and rice that feed billions. Wetlands act as a natural sponge against flooding and drought, and protect our coastlines. They burst with biodiversity, and are a vital means of storing carbon
    Unfortunately, these benefits are not widely known. Often viewed as wasteland, 64% of our wetlands have disappeared since 1900.
    Help us turn the tide on the loss and degradation of our wetlands. Join us for World Wetlands Day 2015 – and beyond!

  • Our work

    With our resource persons and partners, we deliver diverse initiatives across Sri Lanka.

    Human-elephant conflict

    Protecting gentle giants while supporting communities

    A tusker is killed every 15 minutes. Border village communities and farmers are the affected by this conflict too. We are working to provide awareness, livelihood generation activities and rally communities to protect our elephants to stop poaching and elephant deaths.

    Disability support and social justice

    No one left behind

    From awareness to livelihood generation activities, we provide persons with disabilities in Sri Lanka due to previous conflict, with the ability to start over and have a new life through access to employment, up-skilling and education.

    Sustainable livelihood development and organic agri-business

    Sustainable green jobs for a greener future

    We provide consultations through experts and societies, training and skills building, technical knowledge exchange and capacity building.

    Cottage business for women

    Empowering women, empowering families

    Skills building, capacity development and consultancy for start-up, small and medium entrepreneurial women who are taking charge of their financial futures.

    Solar support

    Solar for now and for the future

    Our work revolves around creating access and promoting Solar cookers, Solar units, Solar maintenance and Solarization of existing electricity grid and firewood dependents.

    Environmental conservation and protection

    Without our environment, we are nothing

    Scientific greening of areas affected by unplanned development, reforestation, biodiversity conservation and the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

    Education, leadership and community development

    Engaging youth leaders for better future leadership​

    Creating future leaders who work with Sustainable Development Goals through intensive training programmes for a better future.

    Rebuilding affected schools in the North of Sri Lanka​

    Creating harmony and co-existence

    Working towards better harmony and better education initiatives to rebuild our people.

    Legal aid and advocacy

    Empowering youth, women and communities legally

    We ensure that communities who need access to legal information, legal aid and support are able to access it through us. Our advocacy work engages civil and community groups in gaining land rights, human rights, transparent legal processes and become empowered to take a stand especially through paralegal training.

    Volunteer and intern development programme

    Volunteering for personal and organizational development

    We engage and build up our volunteers' skills and capabilities in becoming the next generation of changemakers, be it through research, innovative solution creation and project implementation.

  • Connect with us

    We are GDPR compliant and have a strict policy of not sharing your information with third parties.


    Main office

    1st Lane, Off Sri Rahula Mawatha, Moratuwa


    Hotline (Mon-Fri 8.30AM-4.00PM) -

    (+94) 0727 913393

  • Volunteer with us

    Join us and develop yourself as a change-maker!

    EMACE's volunteer program is a way for people to invest their skills, minds, and hearts in support of EMACE’s mission. We operate a sustainable volunteer programme in which we recruit a small number of volunteers who have the skills to make a contribution to our work. We are committed to employing Sri Lankan staff and invest in up-skilling and training this staff, as well as developing our project areas. Accordingly, our skilled volunteers will ideally make a significant contribution to staff and project development.

    Minimum requirements for a Volunteer Placement with us:

    • A 3-6 month time commitment.
    • Proven experience within one of our project areas, as follows:
      • Community Development practice
      • Youth Work practice
      • Disability Development practice
      • Environmental Conservation (experience with Mangroves preferred)
      • Sustainable farming methods
      • Human Elephant Conflict project experience
      • Fundraising

    We would also welcome volunteers with a working knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals and their implementation across our project areas.


    What we can offer a skilled volunteer:

    • Accommodation
    • Significant experience in our dynamic project work
    • Ability to shape areas of work where experience is relevant
    • Basic expenses
    • Free time to enjoy the wonders of Sri Lanka

    Message from one of our volunteers:

    What our volunteers say about us

    Dear Volunteers,
    I am contacting you on behalf of EMACE Foundation .In the context of my volunteer work, here at EMACE, I have visited the Seevalipura (Wanathamulla) shanty. EMACE Foundation carried out a shanty development program about twenty years ago in this shanty. We gathered information about this program and looked at the old pictures. We decided to visit this shanty and see the impact of this program in the present time. In the resources tab you can find a short report that Bryan De Bel (also a Belgian volunteer) and I wrote. I think you will be pleasantly surprised about the sustainability of the project! The community leader even mentioned the need for expansion and renovation(for the drainage system), because of its success and the flourishing of the community.
    Do not hesitate to contact me should you have further questions. I hope you will enjoy the report!
    Kind regards,
    Magali Tinck
    Volunteer from Belgium

  • Our resources

    Our publications, reports and extensive documentation


    Our work related documentation and data.

    Do contact us to get an e-copy.


    Our research documents and other publications.

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    Our commitment to transparency and accountability.

    Do contact us to get an e-copy.


    Our commitment to transparency and accountability.

    Do contact us to get an e-copy.