EMACE Foundation Child Protection Policy

EMACE Foundation Child Protection Policy

1. Introduction
The EMACE Foundationof Sri Lanka is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all children we engage with, including beneficiaries, volunteers, and staff members' children. Our Child Protection Policy aims to protect children from all forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence. This policy is guided by national laws of Sri Lanka, international child protection standards, and best practices.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Ensure all children who come into contact with the EMACE Foundation's activities are safe and protected.
  • Provide guidance to staff and volunteers on how to identify and respond to child protection concerns.
  • Establish clear protocols for reporting and managing child protection incidents.

3. Scope

This policy applies to:

  • All staff, volunteers, and trustees of the EMACE Foundation.
  • Any individuals and organizations that come into contact with children through the EMACE Foundation.

4. Principles

The EMACE Foundation adheres to the following child protection principles:

  • Best Interests of the Child: All decisions and actions affecting children should prioritize the child’s best interests.
  • Right to Protection: Every child has the right to be protected from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence.
  • Zero Tolerance: There is a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of child abuse.
  • Confidentiality: The privacy and confidentiality of all children and those reporting concerns will be respected and maintained, subject to legal obligations.

5. Responsibilities

  • EMACE Foundation: Ensure the policy is implemented, monitored, and reviewed regularly. Provide training on child protection to all staff and volunteers.
  • Staff and Volunteers: Familiarize themselves with the child protection policy, report concerns, and follow the foundation's procedures for safeguarding children.
  • Designated Child Protection Officer (CPO): Act as a point of contact for reporting concerns, provide support, and coordinate responses to child protection incidents.

6. Reporting Procedures

  • Any concerns or allegations of child abuse must be reported immediately to the Designated Child Protection Officer.
  • The CPO will assess the information, ensure the immediate safety of the child, and take appropriate actions, which may include reporting to local authorities.
  • Confidentiality must be maintained throughout the process, with information shared only with those necessary to protect the child.

7. Responding to Allegations

  • The EMACE Foundation will take any allegation of abuse seriously and respond promptly and appropriately.
  • Investigations will be carried out in a manner that is fair, confidential, and respects the rights of all individuals involved.

8. Training andAwareness

  • Regular training on child protection will be provided to all staff and volunteers.
  • Awareness campaigns will be conducted to ensure the foundation's child protection efforts are understood and supported by the wider community.

9. Monitoring andReview

  • This policy will be monitored for its effectiveness and will be reviewed annually or as required by changes in legislation or operational activities.

10. Approval
This policy has been approved by the Board of Directors of the EMACE Foundation and is effective from the 01st of January 2010. All amendments must be approved by the Board.